Bringing web videos to the comfort of your living room

Web Video Caster allows you to stream videos you find on the web to Chromecast, Smart TVs, XBox, Roku, Fire TV, AppleTV and more. The app does all the dirty work of finding the embedded videos inside web pages, making it super simple for you to just hit play and enjoy!

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If you are having issues please checkout the FAQ.


Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Nothing playing yet? try this:

Ask the code to work its magic again and search for videos on the right side menu.
Press the full screen button. The video won't go full screen but the code will try its best to detect your attempt to play the video. This does not work on Android 4.4 (KitKat) or above.
If you have a play button, try clicking it. A play button only becomes visible when the code has found a video embedded in the web page.
Check to see if there is an option to play this video on a different tab, some websites like to open tabs when the videos are hosted on different websites.

Other features:

Close those annoying tabs. The code tries very hard to limit the number of unnecessary popups which are opened however some popups must be allowed because videos you may want will be in them. The code will warn you when a popup is blocked and when possible it will even tell you if the popup is most likely an ad.
Change the user agent of the browser if some site is not cooperating. The app itself has a predefined list of user agents it uses for certain sites but you can easily override it. On some sites changing the user agent won't be enough, you will have to go back to the home page of said website. The user agent options is easily found on the overflow menu. Please keep in mind this app does not work with flash videos, the user agent is sometimes helpful at getting websites to give you an alternative to flash if they have one but there isn't anything the app can do if such an option does not exist.

Still having trouble?

If you are about to throw your smart phone at your television, please don't do that, it wont help the situation, instead why don't you write us a note, and be sure to mention the website you were at, your device details, and anything else you might think would be useful for us to know.